45 Sound Trial @ Hard Working Class Heroes 2011

45 Sound is a new service which makes your live music videos sound
better. We replace the original sound of your video footage (which is
usually fairly crap) with a high-quality recording of the exact same
part of the concert. Now when you upload your video to YouTube and
share it on Facebook, it will sound as good as it looks. It's a great
way to capture the memory of the concert, and also to play your own
part in telling the story of the band or artist.

Hard Working Class Heroes 2011 is our very first trial run of
45sound.com and no-one has tried to do anything like this before, so
please bear with us! The four of us on the 45 Sound team have worked
hard to get this basic version of our service ready in time for the
101 bands and all the fans at HWCH to try it out free of charge and
let us know what you think of it. Testing 45sound.com at HWCH is the
first step in our mission to bring bands and their fans around the
world closer together, and we are delighted to be able to help out so
many Irish bands and artists by trying our service out for the first
time here in Dublin.

As with all brand-new technology, we'll probably have a few teething
problems with our service over the weekend. It will also take a little
time to get all 101 gig recordings mixed and uploaded to the site. We
promise we will do everything we can to process every single video you
upload to our service, so please be patient with us.


John, Mikel, Dan & Cathal